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High speed rescue boat launching appliance manufactured by JIANGSU JIAOYAN obtained EC type approval

We, JIANGSU JIAOYAN Marine Equipment Co., Ltd is very proud to announce that we have completed the sea condition test of the fast rescue boat launching appliance in accordance with the supplementary requirements of the high speed boat launching appliance in the LSA Code (8.1.8 - Part 1 of LSA Code) and obtained the type approval of BV classification society.

The supplementary requirements for high speed boat lowering device in LSA Code are as follows:

1. Pu wind force level 6

2. The height of the wave shall be at least 3 meters

Under the great cooperation of our French partners Acebi and BV classification society, we successfully completed the sea test in the sea area of saint malo, France on January 17, 2020And recently obtained the type approval certificate of BV classification society! JIANGSU JIAOYAN Marine Equipment Co., Ltd has become the first Chinese company to develop and complete its own trials, and will break the monopoly of foreign companies in the market for the product.

High speed rescue boat launching appliance of JIANGSU JIAOYAN will meet the requirements of the passenger rolling vessel specification, and is an ideal choice for customers.

Annex 1: JIANGSU JIAOYAN Marine Equipment Co., Ltd high-speed rescue boat launching appliance EC type approval certificate.

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