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Training Notice--lifeboat and davit about annual inspection and service

Training Notice


To whom may concerned,


  Jiangsu “Jiaoyan” Marine Equipment Co.,Ltd. was a member of International Life-Saving Appliance Manufactures’ Association (ILAMA). The brand of “Jiaoyan” was approved by trademark Bureau of the People’s Republic of China in 1984 year, until now, the 12800 units lifeboats and 3500 sets davits with this brand were running all over the world.


  In order to do better service for clients and meet with IMO MSC.1/Circ.1206 requirement as well as ensure usage safety, our company will organize training of lifeboat and davit about annual inspection and service.


At present, the management of annual inspection market for lifeboat and davit is very disordered, the quality of annual inspection is very bad, and some certificates of annual inspection are false, which has safety hidden danger and bring out complaints on annual inspection to our company from owners. Jiangsu Jiaoyan Marine equipment Co., Ltd. decided to make a direct management on training authorization.


Training Content

Skill training of Lifeboat and Davis annual inspection as well as maintenance and replacement of relevant parts.


Training Date

 [First time]

 Arrival date: May 10th, 2016

 Training date:May 11th~13th, 2016


 [Second time]

 Arrival date: May 17th, 2016

 Training date:May 18th~20th, 2016


 [Third time]

 Arrival date: May 24th, 2016

 Training date:May 25th~27th, 2016


Training and certificate fee

 Lifeboat training: USD4500 per person (Certificate Validity period: 2 years)

 Davit training:   USD3500 per person (Certificate Validity period: 2 years)

 Certificate fee of annual inspection for lifeboat: USD300 (two units)

 Certificate fee of five yearly inspection for lifeboat: USD500 (two units)

 Certificate fee of annual inspection for davit: USD300 (two units)

 Certificate fee of five yearly inspection for davit: USD500 (two units)

Meal and accommodation will be arranged unified with your own expense.   


Enrollment method

 Return receipt by fax or e-mail[click here to download]


Contact person

 Cheng Xiaoyan /Zhang ping / Wang zihong


Contact method / /

Tel No.   0086 510-86591980 / 86581115
Fax No.  0086 510-86581013 

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